Inuvik Justice Committee

Feelings Bingo is a great way to teach youth about how to describe how they are feeling. There are three different versions of feelings bingo:

1. Pictures only - a short game where players only have to get one line to win :feelings_bingo_-_pictures_only.pdf

2. Pictures and words - a longer game with both pictures and words as clues. Players can fill the entire card or just a row to win. :feelings_bingo_-_pictures_words.pdf

3. Words only - this game is the most challenging and players must fill the entire card to win. :feelings_bingo_-_words_only.pdf

Healthy Relationships Bingo teaches youth to identify the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships. :healthy_relationships_bingo.pdf

The Cycle of Violence Bingo teaches youth about what the cycle of violence is and how it continues over time. It also includes ways to break the cycle. :cycle_of_violence_bingo.pdf

Resources Bingo teaches people about the local mental health and support services in their community. This can be tailored to your community using the one for Inuvik as a template. :resources_bingo.docx